Students Attend “Funding the Future” Concert


Students rock out at the Funding the Future Personal Finance concert on Tuesday, October 22.

Pruett Newton, Staff Writer

During the school day on October 22nd, Platteview High School hosted a concert in the auditorium for Carter Hulsey and his band sponsored by the Nebraska Council On Economic Education. Both Platteview High School and Platteview Central were in on the message. The band partnered with Funding the Future organization, an that teaches young people how to use their money wisely. Hulsey talked about investing into a ROTH IRA, and that the sooner the investor saves money, the more money they will have for retirement. The band also discussed how credit cards are a trap if the user does not know how to wisely manage money because the user can have bad credit if the credit card is misused.

Sophomore Sam Russo said, “I thought about credit scores a lot more” after the event.

When asked how she liked the concert, senior Kara White thought that “The music was better than I thought it was gonna be.”

Mr. Jennings commented on the significance of the event: “I’ve wanted to host this event at Platteview for several years.  I thought having the concert this year would be a nice kickoff event for the College/Career Center opening and also the addition of a Personal Finance exploratory class at Platteview Central. Since we made Personal Finance a graduation requirement at PHS, I think students have become much more aware of the value of financial literacy and this event, hopefully, will enhance that awareness.”

The event was designed to teach Platteview students about the importance of finances and Mr. Jennings said, “I thought the show was fun and the message was a great one for our students.”