Ice Cream: Häagen-Daz vs. Kemp’s


Grace Beaty, Staff Writer

Ice cream is one of America’s favorite desserts, so I decided to try a few. I reviewed two different brands of ice cream and two ice creams from each brand. The ice creams are Häagen-Dazs caramel cone, Häagen-Dazs strawberry, Kemp’s mint fudge chunk, and Kemp’s moose tracks.

Häagen-Dazs Caramel Cone Ice Cream is a vanilla ice cream with caramel, chocolate covered cone pieces, and chocolate chips throughout. This ice cream is especially creamy. I also liked how this ice cream had toppings throughout the whole ice cream and not just on top.

Häagen-Dazs Strawberry Ice Cream is a strawberry flavored ice cream with small strawberry chunks and seeds. It is pink and tastes extra sweet. This ice cream was good because the strawberry pieces added a nice touch to it.

Kemp’s Mint Fudge Chunk Ice Cream is a mint flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks and chocolate drizzle on top. The mint ice cream is green and has a soft texture. The ice cream itself was great but I would’ve liked the chocolate chunks in the ice cream instead of just on top.

Kemp’s Moose Tracks Ice Cream is a vanilla-based ice cream with chocolate fudge drizzle. It has peanut butter and chocolate chunks on top of the drizzle. The vanilla ice cream is the most creamy out of all. I really liked the peanut butter chocolate chunks and fudge drizzle. Even though the toppings were only on top, there was still enough for each bite.

All ice creams I tested were delicious, but some were better than others. Häagen-Dazs ice cream was good and had toppings throughout the container. Kemp’s ice cream had the toppings on top of the ice cream. I personally liked the Häagen-Dazs caramel cone ice cream the best.

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