PHS’s New Choir Teacher, The Underdog Rising


Ms. Kroll, the new Choir teacher at PHS.

Lauren Roberts and Paige Fritz

The 2022-23 school year has brought many new faces to the PHS staff, including Ms. Morgan Kroll, the new 7-12 vocal music teacher. In addition to teaching choir classes, Kroll directs Show Choir and Spring Musical. She is determined and ready to bring Platteview Platinum to the top: “My goal is to be the bomb group that comes out of nowhere. The underdog rising.”

Kroll attended High School in Auburn, Nebraska. Like the choir students of Platteview, she loved being a part of the Show Choir in her small-town school. During her studies in college to become a teacher, she also directed a middle school Show Choir. Auburn’s small town feel made the transition to SPCS easy for Kroll.

Ms. Kroll leads students in guitar lessons.

Ms. Kroll’s passion for teaching began during her high school career, “I had a unique high school experience; the activities I loved were not as successful as they were in past years … It crushed me as a student.” Using this as motivation, she strives to educate and provide students with new and exciting opportunities. “I wanted to become a teacher to ensure that wouldn’t happen to my students.”

Kroll’s leadership brings a new beginning for students at Platteview. One of the most exciting aspects is directing Show Choir. “A different opportunity than a concert choir does” is Kroll’s outlook; it highlights the skills that a student can develop.

When speaking on selecting songs for this year’s show choir production, she wanted to choose music that is enjoyable and versatile. The lineup for the upcoming shows is “Try Everything” from Zootopia, “I Was Here” by Lady A, and “Drag Me Down” by One Direction.