Rally the Student Section


Owen Hudson, Writer

If you’ve ever been to Platteview High School, you’ve heard and seen their roaring student section at the various sporting events. The school is proud to have students show up and support its athletes whilst students hang out with friends and have fun. While the student audience section at games have yearly traditions, recently, the student section has been given a new role by new Athletic Director and Vice Principal, Mr. Siske. This year the students are tasked with providing the most support, encouragement, and energy as possible.

“Activities and athletics are important parts of school culture,” Mr. Siske states. The students are an important aspect of the game being played, welcoming everyone in and providing a good time for everyone involved.

The NSAA released the School Sportsmanship criteria, and under the supervision of Mr. Siske, Platteview High School is aiming to take the prize in Sportsmanship and Efficacy of School Spirit.

However, the student sections at PHS games are not alone in their endeavor. The PHS Cheer Team is frequently involved with not only the general crowd, but they work to improve students engagement. Ava Rockwell, junior and veteran cheerleader, said, “The Cheer Team tries to help bring energy to the student sections. We perform cheers designed to get students excited and involved with the game.” Whether it’s providing stunts, song-like cheers, or even signs that promote teams, the Cheer Team and the student sections work together to generate a positive gaming environment.

Recently, PHS students decked out in their finest beachwear attire during the first home football game. The football team did quite well, winning 21-7 over Lincoln Christian. During many of the plays, the student section roared, cheered, and supported the team toward a win.

“The student section helps bring energy and excitement to the games and the school week,” said Senior Bailee Spencer.