Acting with Passion: One Act Begins Murder Mixup


One Act players read through their scripts on the Platteview High School stage.

Lauren Roberts, Writer

Platteview’s One Act Program is back in full swing. After last year’s success, PHS theatre students are buzzing with excitement for this year’s fall production of The Murder Mixup, a play written by PHS alumni Ella Ferguson. 

There’s been a murder in Vonburen Manor. Everyone seems to have a motive for killing Mildred Vonburen on the evening of her 18th birthday. It’s a classic case of whodunnit. And what’s going on with the props? Everything seems to be going wrong for the characters and the actors.

Along with the exciting news of putting on a play written by a former Platteview student, the One Act Promgram gained a new director. Mr. Aaron Boyle will be co-directing this year alongside Dr. Micheal Kersulov. Boyle is passionate about theatre and is excited to be a part of Platteview’s program. Boyle’s first time being in a production was in middle school, but his interest in theatre started in his junior year of high school. He said, “I started out as crew then went into acting. My freshman year of college I was studying theatre education. I was on track to be a teacher but specifically for theatre. When I transferred, things changed and I decided to become an English teacher.” 

When speaking about what he loves about theatre, Mr. Boyle emphasized how being in the performing arts provides a space for everyone involved to create a work of art. “In all honesty, what I really love about theatre is the fact that there is a team that puts something together.” Boyle said, “Whether it’s actors putting together a scene or crew putting together a set, teamwork comes together from both sides to put on a production that everyone is proud of. Everyone is putting in their best effort to create something good.”

Mr. Boyle’s goal for this season is to have a great time. Boyle said, “I want to win; however, I want us to put on the best show possible. Having fun and being able to create experiences that will stay with students forever and creating a safe environment is my ultimate goal.”

Mr. Boyle has worked for UNK in their scene shop. He was also the technical director at Westside High School. Boyle even spent a short time working at the Lied Center in Lincoln, NE. 

“I would say I look forward to growth in the program. Dr. Kersulov and I were super excited to see so many people audition and have so many people be a part of the crew, but I would love to see the entire theatre program grow,” said Boyle, who talked about how the program’s growth will bring a plethora of opportunities for students, including, but not limited to, another play. “We would be able to have a One Act production, play production, and musical production. Growth so that students have more opportunities to perform is the biggest goal.”

This year also welcomes new One Act crew managers. The two crew managers are: Ava Dominguez and Ava Saunders. Dominguez has been in the crew for play productions for three years. As heads of crew, both are responsible for all of the crew members and making sure that they are on task. When asked about this year’s show Dominguez said, “I’m most excited for the memories that I will make with my friends. There is always something fun to do and fun people to do those things with.” 

This year there will be three local performances held in the school auditorium. The dates and times of these performances are: November 5th at 1pm and 6pm, and November 6th at 3pm.