About Use:
The Charioteer is part of the Journalism class at Platteview High school in Springfield, NE. It accepts content created by students, staff, and community members. The Charioteer has been publishing since 1987 through print. In February 2018, The Charioteers began publishing as a digital source.

Mission Statement:
The Charioteer strives to inform its audience with reliable, engaging, and impactful information.
Material is created to be a trustworthy news source for the student body, community, and general public. News is reported through various mediums in order to provide timely and unbiased updates.

Submission Policy:
The Charioteer encourages its audience to submit story ideas, letters to the editor, or original
content. To do this, submit to [email protected] or to @PHSCharioteer.

Comment Policy:
While we want readers to comment on articles and submissions, please keep in mind the following policies. No comments with obscenities, personal attacks, advertisements, nonsense, defamatory or derogatory rhetoric, libel or slander will be published. Comments are meant to spur discussion about the content and/or topic of an article. Please use your real name when commenting.

You can contact the student and faculty staff of The Charioteer at [email protected] and through Twitter @PHSChariotteer.



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