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2018-2019 Staff

Jayda Pearrow

Staff Writer

Lexi Eason

Staff Writer

Lexi is a senior at Platteview. She is involved in Publications. She is secretly a huge book worm and nerd when it comes to Greek mythology. She is also known for being extra.

Megan Baier

Staff writer

Megan is a senior at Platteview High School. Her favorite class is English. She is a member of the  choir. Megan enjoys reading, drawing, and wearing crocs.

Jacob Muff

Senior Digital Media Editor

Jacob Muff is a senior at Platteview High School.  He is an aspiring filmmaker, and he loves using his skills for the Charioteer.  Jacob is the Publisher of the Writer’s Block, and he also participates in Art Club and Broadcast...

Katie Harder

Staff Writer

Katie is a senior at Platteview High School. She is an avid writer and loves to read. She realizes that the universe is too huge for any petty high school problems to matter. “Out of every other student I have, I want to see...

Jordyn Morley

Staff Writer

Jordyn Morley is currently an senior at Platteview High School. She is part of  writing club and she enjoys her English classes. She is interested in reading, writing and drawing.

Dylan Conover

Staff Writer

Dylan Conover is a Freshman at Platteview High School. He is a football player, Concert Choir member, and avid student. He enjoys biking, traveling, reading, Axis & Allies, and learning. Dylan is excited for another great...

Katelyn Grubb

Senior Editor - Newspaper

Katelyn Grubb is currently a senior at Platteview High School. She is involved in the school's One Act, Musical, Show Choir, Student Council, Publications, Diversity Club, and Spanish Club. After writing for the school newspaper...

Kaitlyn Klimek

Senior Editor - Yearbook

Kaitlyn is a senior at Platteview High School. Kaitlyn is a varsity cheerleader and is the editor for the yearbook. She loves her baby brother kaleb, and photography. She is planning on to continue her studies at college studying...

Nathan Seeber

Staff Writer

Nathan is a freshman in high school. He is part of the wrestling team, Also apart of Mock Trial and Futue Problem Solvers. He enjoys writing articles for the Charioteer.

MacKenzie Loncke

Staff Writer

MacKenzie Loncke is currently a senior at Platteview High School. She is co-captain of the Dance Team, vice-president of Concert Choir, and a member of the Varsity Show Choir. MacKenzie enjoys dancing, singing, being around new...

Alyssa Riha

Staff Writer

Alyssa Riha is a senior at Platteview High School. In between writing articles and taking pictures at school events, she is involved in Platteview’s Theatre and Speech Department, Mock Trial, Choir, Band, Writing Club, Diversity...