[Senior Edition] Seniors’ Survival Guide to Surviving High School


Dylan Conover, Staff Writer

As we say “goodbye” to the seniors, they have offered us some points of advice. They know that high school is tough, but they have some vital experience to offer for those who will be new high schoolers, or those who’d like some ideas.

So, what should one prioritize? “Getting [your] work done,” said Justin Addleman, and “making sure [you] keep [your] grades good.” School has helped “[me find] something that I would like to do for a job.”

Alexis Tolliver said, “Finding a good group of friends is really what made high school bearable for me. Knowing I always had people to go to and friends to have fun with [is what] made high school enjoyable.”

Halee Jeffries said, “[What] you have to remember is that you’re working toward a goal and that’s graduating. So, giving it my all and trying my best to study is how I made it through.” She said “being apart of Choir and Theater” helped make high school bearable. “I’ve enjoyed being a part of both of those things all four years and they made me want to come to school because I knew I would be doing something I enjoyed.” She continued, “Freshman usually think that their grades don’t matter because they can always “take that credit again next year.” I definitely had that attitude.” She stated, “But it makes it way more difficult for you to keep up down the line and it can ruin your chances for a good GPA and getting into college. So, always start off high school on a good note and get your assignments in.”

Lauren Sherman said, “I survived high school by getting involved in activities and making sure to keep my grades up,” and that “Getting involved in several activities made high school not only bearable, but memorable.” “High School has allowed me to figure out who I am and has pointed me towards what I want to do in the future,” she mentioned, and “make sure to prioritize your classes. It is important to have good grades, but also make sure to prioritize time with your friends.”

Sara Zimmerman observed, “High school was bearable for me because I got involved in numerous activities and joined a sports team. The four year went by very fast, so enjoy every moment while you have it!” She said “First you should prioritize your classes, make a list of each class you’re in and set the deadlines for assignments and tests. Once you have your classes in order, then you can start prioritizing extra-curricular activities,” she continued, “By joining student council, Spanish club, FCCLA, and attending leadership seminars throughout high school I became a stronger leader and can use this to help me throughout my life.”

Brooke Karnik stated that “You should prioritize your grades and homework before prioritizing any extracurricular activities. Colleges will look at your grades before anything else so staying on top of school work is number one.” Brooke remarked, “High school flies by so don’t take it for granted and enjoy it while it lasts. Make memories and friends that will last a lifetime and get involved in many clubs and sports.” High School has shaped her into the person she is now “by being involved in all my sports and clubs and becoming a huge leader in this school and being well known by the community.” Be “organized. [Have] things in the right order. Knowing… teachers will help you if you need the help.”

High School is fun and exciting. However, one must be prepared to fully enjoy its fruits. Be
proactive, plan ahead, and make good friends. By adhering to this great advice and doing your
best, you won’t have to fear high school. Have a good summer, and good luck next year.