Podcast: Club Updates: Art Club and Writer’s Block


Junior Pruett Newton paints the activities mural in the vending machine hallway.

Jacob Muff and Jordyn Morley

Platteview High School is home to many clubs and activities; it is often hard to keep up with what each group is doing.  This week, we caught up with the Art Club and Writer’s Block to see what projects are in the works.


Art Club

Until this year, the Platteview Art Club has never undertaken a project this ambitious. The members of Platteivew’s Art Club have designed and begun painting a mural in the vending machine hallway to celebrate Platteview’s many sports and activities.  Describing the process of painting the mural, Junior Art Club member Pruett Newton said: “I feel like we’re actually doing something in Art Club, and it’s going to be something that sticks around for a long time.” 

Before this year, Art Club was primarily focused on individual projects created by individual members.  However, senior members during the 2017-2018 school year envisioned the Art Club creating something that the whole school could value.  “Last year… a couple of seniors thought of the idea. Everyone else thought it was a good idea to do a mural, but we couldn’t really figure out how.  We also thought it would be cool because it’s something that will stay around for a long time, and everyone gets involved… It represents the entire school,” explained Newton. The Art Club estimates that the mural will be completed by early second semester.


Writer’s Block

The PHS Writer’s Block will be releasing their semester publication during the month of January (2019). Sponsor of the Writer’s Block Mrs. Clayton helped her students organize and plan the upcoming edition. The publication will consist of all types of writing from PHS students, including plays, short stories and poems.


Senior Colton Davis and freshman Tate Muff edit their peers’ writing during a Writer’s Block meeting.