Photo Essay: The Faces Behind the Mural


Although you’ve probably seen the Art Club mural in the vending machine hallway, you probably don’t know the faces behind the painting.

Jacob Muff, Senior Digital Media Editor

While walking through the vending machine hallway on the way to class, students can view an unfinished mural on the wall along with a sign reading: “Art Club Mural in Progress.  Do Not Touch!”  Since the beginning of the year, the mural has evolved from a few painted bricks and pencil sketches to intricate designs inspired by PHS Clubs and Athletics and two mighty Trojans standing guard.  However, the artists behind this new mural have rarely been seen while working on their cooperative piece. Below is an inside look at the people who have been developing the mural and the process behind it’s creation.

Junior Mia King paints red bricks on which the logos of various Platteview clubs, athletics, and activities will be displayed.
Concentrating on her work, sophomore Justice Irvin carefully brushes up the mural wall.
Freshman Desiree McDowell skillfully paints the white piping in between the colored bricks. Desiree is one of the few freshmen in Art Club.
Junior Kiyara Grosz laughs as other Art Club members interact and make working on the mural fun.
Talking to his friends, senior Colton Davis enjoys his time creating art.
Junior Pruett Newton uses a fine-tipped brush to complete detail work on the mighty Trojans. Newton and senior Jacob Muff were in charge of painting the warrior figures.
Junior Nathan Edwards unwraps leftover paint from previous sessions of painting the mural. He later painted with this unused paint to resume his work from last week.
Several members of Art Club stand back and admire how far they’ve come on their creation.
Although there still is work to be done, the Art Club members are ready to face the challenges head-on and finish their mural.