Photo Essay: Jazzing Up The Winter Concert


Freshman Charles Lawrence and Ashton Lagassee and Senior Katelyn Stehlik blew into their trumpets during the winter concert. They played the classic song “Joy to the World” to the delight of the audience. It was a classic version of the song.

Jacob Beier, Staff Writer

There are many different types of music in the world; a single band can only cover a little bit of that surface. Only a few students are able to work the extra mile toward the even greater variety of music: jazz band. With such themes as samba, classical jazz, and and classic Christmas, the Platteview Jazz Band tackles many different and amazing styles for their audience.

The PHS Jazz Band had a jam celebrating Christmas at the Winter Concert. A favorite group of the audience, this time they played “Greensleeves,” “Joy to the World,” and “Chili Pepper Christmas.”
Sophomore Isaac Irvin played on his saxophone during the Winter Concert. Here Isaac played a swingy solo, one of few improvised solos the Jazz Band plays throughout the year.
Juniors Nathan Roberts and Blake Simpleman jammed on their trombone at the winter concert. They performed the song “Greensleeves,” a trombone focused feature. It’s a jazzy take on the classic tune of the same name.
Freshmen Lucy Swierczek and Elliot Steinhoff and Junior Jack Jolly played their saxophones during the winter concert. They played the song “Chili Pepper Christmas,” a saxophone feature with many rearranged pieces of other Christmas songs. It all culminated in a grooving samba.
Freshman Ryan Booth banged out a tune on his bass guitar during the Winter Concert. Ryan plays a big part in keeping the Jazz Band together during every song. Be it a banging rock song or a swinging jazz ensemble, the bass has to be there at all times.