Senior Edition: Senior Throwback


Jacob Beier, Staff Writer

As another year of high school comes to a close, Platteview’s class of 2019 is getting ready to finally finish the yearbook. A group of seniors answered a few questions to reminisce on years past. We asked seniors about their elementary years, and they took some time to reflect on their past school years.

1. What elementary school did you attend?
2. What is your favorite memory from elementary school?

Elise Lutz

1. I went to Westmont elementary.

2. I don’t know if I have a favorite memory from elementary school, but I loved Kindergarten when everything we did was super fun such as “beach day” and learning about the letter people. I also loved the holiday parties we had each year at Westmont.

Elise Lutz and her brother Clayton Lutz grin at each other on a nice


Nicolas Adkins

1. St. Matthews.

2. Nap Time.

Nic Adkins smiles for his 2006-2007 school pictures.


Nicolas Eurich

1. Westmont Elementary.

2. My favorite memory from elementary school would be when i was on cross guard and the first time I went out it started to hail and we had to hold the stop signs over our head as we ran back into the school.

Nicolas Eurich and Elise Lutz had cross guard duty on a very nice day.


Kielee Costello

1. I attended Springfield Elementary School.

2. My favorite memory from elementary school was going on field trips to different places.

Kielee Costello and her friends hang out during class.


Colton Davis

1. I went to Springfield Elementary School.

2. My favorite memory from elementary school was Outdoor Ed in 6th grade.

Colton Davis stands in front of Springfield Elementary, his old
elementary school.