Opinion: A Freshman Survival Guide


Seniors Laura Kinney and Conner Nelson have a relaxed end-of-the-day stroll through the halls. Kinney gives freshmen important advice as they begin their first year of high school.

Amber Neaman, Writer

Dear Freshman,
Welcome to High School! We all know you are going through the wringer right now. You probably feel trapped socially, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. The seniors, who seem big and intimidating to you now, went through the same experiences as you. We asked a few of them what advice they would give to their freshmen selves, in order to provide YOU with some advice. Here are their answers:

“I would tell my freshman self to just be himself and to not worry about ‘fitting in.’ I would tell him to have fun and to make people laugh. I would also tell him to find a purpose, whether that be in sports, school, or anything. If you do that, everything will fall into place.” – Garrett Johnson

“It’s okay to be yourself. You find yourself throughout high school. People will hate but just be you!” – Laura Kinney

“If I could go back, I would make sure I got everything done that I can. I would take what I’ve been given and use it to my advantage. I would also make sure to be on time and not skip things. This would get me out of procrastinating.” – Jace Mahoney

We hope you find this advice helpful. Remember, no one can be you but you, and we at Platteview High School are better and stronger because you are here.