Podcast: Advice for When Drama Ensues


Sophomores Benjamin Kimball and Jackson Plueger enjoy lunch with friends. Many students, however, experience drama at one point or another during high school. The podcast discusses what high school drama is and how to cope with its presence.

Drama encompasses a wide variety of behaviors, and many students recognize some form of drama in their years of high school. There is drama between friends, athletes, and even student-teacher interactions. Yet, what underlies most drama is a sense of pride. When people are unwilling to look at issues from another’s perspective and think that they are in the right all the time, drama ensues. In this podcast, drama is discussed as well as how to deal with it in order to minimize its presence. Through interviews with Braden Johnson, Jordan Carman, and Mr. Lundeen, listeners will understand high school drama from different perspectives and learn some ways to avoid it in the future.