Podcast: Marching to the Beat of Their own Band


Drum Major Claire Snodgrass (11) co-directs the band to “Star Spangled Banner” at a Platteview home football game.

Pruett Newton and Aubreigh Burley

The 2019 Platteview Marching Band season started in June and continued through October of 2019. The band practiced three days per week and competed on the weekends. During the week, the band started practice at 7:15am every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday until the end of the season. October 12th was the first band competition of the year at Links where the band received a two (one being the best score). A week later, the band competed at their second competition at Oxbow and received a one. Finally, for their last competition of the season the band performed at state in Lincoln and received a two. The podcast features interviews with Chloe Adams, who plays trumpet, and Claire Snodgrass, one of the drum majors.