Trojans Pie Teachers to Raise Money for Prom


Dakota Robb (9) pied Mr. Kuhl in the face during the November 27th Winter Pep Rally. Mr. Dutcher, who been pied by Noah Baker (12) a few moments earlier, watched with amusement.

Pruett Newton, Staff Writer

Platteview students bid money to pie teachers in the face at the Winter Pep Rally. The teachers with the highest bid were pied as an incentive of the junior class officers to raise money for prom. The bidding was held between October 28th through November 8th. Students were able to place their bid in either the lunch room or in Mrs. Donner’s room by bidding one dollar for individual teachers. The Winter Pep Rally occurred on November 27th at which time the three teachers with the highest bid were pied in the face by their highest bidder. Mrs. Janda, Mr. Dutcher, and Mr. Kuhl are the teachers who won the bidding to be pied in the face. Dakota Robb pied Mr. Kuhl, and Noah Baker pied Mr. Dutcher.