TrojanVision Crew Enhances PHS Events


Seniors Pruett Newton and Daytin Inserra, members of the TrojanVision Crew, learned how to use the new video boards for basketball games.

Brianna Miller and Jacob Beier

Platteview’s new video boards in the Main Gym have become a beloved addition to the school. The bright and captivating digital boards were “purchased as part of the commitment from Facebook,” according to Mr. Kingston, who was trained, and now takes part in the operation of the video boards at events. “No High School in the State of Nebraska— let alone many colleges in our State—have this sized boards and operating system,” Kingston says.

Students are also able to learn from the boards. “The TrojanVision is a new group at Platteview that has been created from receiving the video boards from Facebook,” senior Pruett Newton explains. “The TrojanVision creates videos and animations to play during games or events that occur in the main gym.” All of the images, animations, and videos are created by the TrojanVision Crew. Through a program called “Dextronix,” students are able to attach their content to buttons. When these buttons are pressed, images are reflected onto the digital boards.

The benefits that come from the video boards and the new TrojanVision Crew are obvious and give students at Platteview High School an opportunity that other schools can’t offer. Not only does it show good school spirit, but it “also helps students who want to pursue a career related to sports journalism, broadcasting or any other related career,” states Newton. Kingston agrees: “It puts our school in a technologically advanced setting that will provide wonderful opportunities for those who learn the programming. For example, our operating system is them most advanced for these boards that is available. If a student was to learn this, they could operate systems that the University of Nebraska uses, and many professional teams’ sports digital boards.” Whether it’s providing a learning experience to students or enjoying the content on the screens at a basketball game, the video boards and the TrojanVision Crew provide something for everyone.