Opinion: New Lunch Schedule


Dakota Huxhold and Justice Irvin adjust to the new lunch schedule as they eat second lunch.

Claire Kallhoff, Staff Writer

This semester at Platteview High School, a new addition has been made. Up until now, there have been two lunches, but now there are three. Adding a three lunch has occurred to decrease the number of people in each separate lunch. Under this new system, students are not let in and out of the cafeteria freely. Instead, they must wait in the Cafeteria or the New Commons until lunch is over. Platteview High School Principal Ron Alexander says another lunch was added because, “We felt like the lunch spaces were overcrowded and wanted to give our students the opportunity to spread out and make the experience more comfortable.”

Various students and staff have expressed their opinions of the new schedule. Sophomore, Ella Falk says, “I am not a big fan of the new lunch system. I have first lunch, and at the end of my lunch second lunch comes in. I feel like I have to leave and so feel rushed to not interrupt them. Second lunch would have a tough time concentrating … going to lunch and then coming back to work. Our system worked better with two lunches, even if they were crowded.”

In contrast, Senior Grace Hartley says “so far it has gone well, I think people are still trying to get used to it but it has been well organized.” Senior Kiyara Grosz adds “It’s definitely interesting. The overlapping periods between one and two as well as two and three are a bit hectic as more than half the school is in the cafeteria at once. When only one lunch period is there, however, it’s nice and quiet.” Special education paraprofessional Lisa Kallhoff believes, “I think it is a benefit to all.”

According to Mr. Alexander, the newly added lunch has additional benefits: “All lunches now have plenty of space, it is far easier to supervise for staff, and the overall noise level is much better for those classes in session and the office area.”