Platteview Students Participate In Prestigious All-State Music Contest


Students Ryan Tolliver(11), Jack Jolly(12), Elijah Stewart(12), Jacob Beier(12), and Hannah Ferrin(12) stand together in their Platteview choir robes after the All-Sate final concert. The Chorus Repertoire consisted of “Light Dawns on a Weary World” by Mack Wilberg and “Spirit of Life” by Christopher Aspaas.

Grace Hartley, Staff Writer

The All-State music contest brings together some of the most talented musicians from across the state of Nebraska. This year, six students from Platteview were selected to attend the All-State music contest. Seniors Hannah Ferrin, Jack Jolly, Jacob Beier, Elijah Stewart, and junior Ryan Tolliver were selected to sing in the All-State choir. Sophomore Josephine Hartley was selected to play the cello in the All-Sate orchestra. Students who attend All-Sate must audition to be selected for music ensembles. These ensembles including band, jazz band, choir, and orchestra. The musicians selected come together for three days at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. On the last day, final concerts are held at the Lied Center in Lincoln.

This contest is beneficial for high school musicians because it provides students with an opportunity to work in large ensembles and play new music. Senior Elijah Stewart stated that All-State was helpful to him because the event gave him insight on how to sing in a large group with confident singers. When asked what he enjoyed about the experience, he commented, “I enjoyed meeting people from different schools and singing with them over the days.” Josephine Hartley shared in her interview that she enjoyed “working with other talented and committed musicians.” She also stated that she plans on auditioning again in future years.

The All-State music contest was held in November with auditions in September and October. The students who participate view it as a fun experience that is beneficial to them. If this sounds at all interesting to you talk to Mr. King or Mr. Layher about how you could prepare for next year’s auditions!