Art Club: A Creative Escape


Senior Kiyara Grosz adds detail to her brain sculpture while she is at Art Club. Club members meet every Thursday after school.

Pruett Newton, Staff Writer

Throughout the year, Art Club members have been working on independent projects. Kiyara Grosz has been working on 3D sculptures. One project was a brain model that took her two hours to sculpt; she still needs to paint it. Kiyara said she joined Art Club “because I like art. I took a lot of art classes and I’m not taking any this year so I compensated with taking art club.”

Art Club is in need of more members because there are a few missing regular members due to the musical. After asking what she would say to someone that was on the fence about joining Art Club, Kiyara said, “There are a lot of nice people in art club and there is no rush to complete anything. There isn’t an over arching goal for the group it’s mostly a goal to reach with yourself. Art is relaxing and it is nice to be able to see the progress made over time.”