Cheer Team Takes State


The Platteview Cheer Team competed in the Game Day category at Heartland Event Center on February 22.

Reed Lenker, Staff Writer

The Platteview Cheer squad competed at the State Cheer competition on February 22, 2020. The team performed two routines that they had been working on since early November 2019. The first routine that the team performed was their Game Day routine. Game day consists of a Band Dance, Sideline Cheer, Crowd Cheer, and Platteview’s fight song. The second routine they competed in was the Extreme routine. This routine consisted of a dance and a cheer.

The Cheer team competed in the game day category for the first time this year. The team used this year’s routine as a learning experience. The squad learned about what the judges like, don’t like, and what they want to see. The cheer team also received critiques from the judges that will help them improve Platteview’s fight song.

On the team’s Extreme routine performance, the judges commended the squad for their cheer. They enjoyed the use of signs and stunts. The team ranked 3rd in the state for the Building/Stunting category.

Coach Angela AuBuchon stated, “In both categories, our two biggest areas for growth are to build a bigger team and to create a pipeline.  With a bigger team we will be able to do more level changes and formation changes. We will also be able to cover more of the floor while still incorporating stunts. Having a pipeline — such as a middle school cheer team or a freshman cheer team — would give new cheerleaders an opportunity to learn basic techniques which they could refine once they join the varsity team.”

Next year’s cheer team plans to restructure the program. The team plans to have a Fall and Winter game day team to cheer at volleyball, football, and basketball games. The game day squads will be open to 9-12th graders with all levels of cheer experience, and cheerleaders can decide to be on both game day teams. Game Day cheerleaders will have the opportunity to earn a spot on the competition cheer team. Competition Team will learn more advanced stunting skills and perform at special events.

The Cheer Team is also looking to lower the costs associated with being on the cheer team. Thanks to Mr. McLaughlin’s assistance and the SPCS Foundation’s financial support, the Cheer Team is purchasing their own mats, which will allow them to schedule practice times whenever needed.

To learn more about the PHS Cheer Team, there will be an informational meeting in Dr. Kersulov’s classroom (Room 108) on March 25 after school (3:30pm). Clinics for the 2020-2021 Cheer Team will be on March 30th, April 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.