Video: Platteview Students Celebrate National FCCLA Week


The Platteview FCCLA Chapter celebrated FCCLA Week 2020 by having a birthday party to celebrate the CTE Organization’s establishment. Senior Mallory Kern says, “It’s starting to become a tradition with the Platteview Chapter, a great way to bring our ‘FCCLA Family’ together.”

Lauren Becerra, Staff Writer

The theme for the 2019-2020 school year for the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) organization is “Your Story.” FCCLA’s hope for interpretation with this is that each member’s story writes the organization’s overall story. According to, the theme helps chapters across America “focus on how their leadership and life stories have built FCCLA and how their leadership stories are ones that others will celebrate now and in the future.” Each year, FCCLA Week assists members across the United States and territories with emphasizing their love and passion for FCCLA; this year, FCCLA Week 2020 helped members share “their story” in a multitude of ways.

On Monday, February 10th the theme was “What’s Your FCCLA Story?” The Platteview Chapter participated by utilizing their social media profiles and posting each of their officers’ FCCLA backstory as well as any member’s story who inquired. Look for #MyFCCLAStory on social media!

On Tuesday, February 11th the theme was “Your Future Career Story.” The Platteview Chapter Advisor, Ms. Pedeliski, made a Career Connections tri-fold board that outlines the career pathways and focuses of FCCLA and Family and Consumer Science (FCS) education.

On Wednesday, February 12th the theme was “FCS Educators Inspiring Stories.” On the Platteview Chapter’s Instagram handle, @platteviewfccla, members recognized their own Chapter Advisor, Ms. Pedeliski, who is also the FCS teacher at Platteview High School. Ms. Pedeliski has been recognized as a Master Advisor at the State and National Level. She inspires students every day to apply their acquired knowledge beyond the classroom.

On Thursday, February 13th the theme was “Celebrate Your Family’s Story.” On this day, members across America were encouraged to take the time to show appreciation for their family and share the story of “how your family has supported you in your FCCLA leadership journey.” The PHS Chapter celebrated by throwing a birthday party to celebrate FCCLA’s establishment and to bring members together in one setting as an “FCCLA Family.” On the @platteviewfccla Instagram account, there is a post depicting this party under the hashtag #FCCLACelebratesFamily.

Finally, on Friday, February 14th the theme was “Leaders in Red.” At the end of FCCLA Week 2020, the Platteview Chapter encouraged their members to wear their chapter t-shirts or become a “sea of red” by wearing any red garb they owned. This helped showcase FCCLA spirit because red is one of the official colors of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Organization (#FCCLARocksRed).

The video below, produced by FCCLA Inc., highlights the week in review:

If you are interested in learning more about what FCCLA is and the benefits of being a member, you can watch the interview (above) with junior Alec Janousek for more information.