Athletes Stay Hopeful Amidst Spring Sports Cancellations


Due to COVID-19, spring sports have been cancelled at Platteview High School. The baseball field where Trojan Baseball players practice is left vacant.

Claire Kallhoff, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has taken a toll in Spring sport athletics at Platteview High School. Each sport and athlete has been affected in its own ways by the cancelled season. Senior Nicki De Monte said, “COVID-19 has affected my season a lot because I can’t play and practice with my teammates; being my senior year I was really ready to enjoy it with them.” In the Soccer world, sophomore Alyssa Apprich remarked that before the virus, “We were all preparing for our first game and we were pumped to start the season out strong.” The virus is also putting the first year of Platteview’s partnership with Bellevue East to form a Tennis team on hold. Freshman Kawinthida Haase, a Tennis player, said, “My teammates and I have not been able to have a proper practice or championship matches – this helps determine the skill level each player is at and where they might be placed (either Varsity or JV – if necessary cuts).”

Now that the NSAA has cancelled all spring sports, this news has greatly taken a toll on the athletes who miss the community and competition their sports offered them. Baseball player, senior Sullivan Stane remarked, “It’s disheartening knowing last year was the final time I would wear Platteview across my chest.” Junior Kitia Hobbs, a Girl’s Soccer player, added, “I’m sad because I don’t get to hang out with my team which was like family to me. Lastly, I miss the coaches, the fun and also keeping in shape.” As Tennis was a new sport being introduced to Platteview, the cancellation of the season affected many, including freshman Claire Peoples. Peoples said, “With Tennis being a new sport for Platteview, a mass majority of the girls from our school were new and learning the sport. I personally had been playing with experience, so the cancellation was a huge bummer after working to be varsity ranked.”

The final cancellation of all Spring sports has left many disappointed but, as senior Travis Fisher stated, “We need to have hope.” Baseball player, Sullivan Stane remaked, “Hopefully I get one last go around with some of my best friends this summer.” While remaining hopeful, these athletes are doing all they can to stay fit. Junior Jolene Trumble, a Track and Field thrower, said, “I go on bike rides and try to keep my mind active.” Additionally, distance runner for Track and Field, senior Madison Nash stated, “I’ve been running still and doing the elliptical to avoid as much wear on my shins.” Furthermore, coaches have reached out to provide athletes with necessary workouts as well. Girls Soccer player, Alyssa Apprich said, “Our soccer coach has sent us many workouts to keep in shape throughout this.”

All Platteview sports and activities affected by COVID-19 have the choice of staying hopeful as these athletes demonstrate.