How Trojans are Staying Physically and Emotionally Healthy through Pandemic


Senior Pruett Newton stopped to take a picture with the creek after bicycling Sunday afternoon on March 29th.

Pruett Newton, Staff Writer

Staying home and away from society can put a toll on a body’s physical and mental state after a certain period of time. I put together ideas regarding how to stay healthy to prevent the COVID-19 blues.

What I do to jumpstart my day is look up my favorite fitness Youtuber, MadFit; she has exciting videos to follow along with, and I always feel energized and ready to take on the day after completing one of her workouts. If I need to clear my mind, I will go outside with a blanket and sit somewhere around the house, whether it’s on the grass, on the deck, or on the porch. This gives me a chance to breathe fresh air and go out of the house without leaving my property.

I asked a few Platteview students what they do to stay healthy as well.

Senior, Zane Woods: “I think the main thing that’s hard for seniors is that we use graduation as our motivator. I think when you shift your focus on other things it can help a lot. I’ve been long boarding and have been just getting outside early like it’s already summer break. I find it very enjoyable.”

Senior, Daytin Inserra: “I surround myself with friends and family that I trust. I eat bananas to stay healthy.”

Junior, Ella Kiger: “Physically I am doing at-home workouts or going on walks. Mentally I am making sure I do at least one technology free activity a day (read, paint, exercise, solve a puzzle, or write a letter).”

Sophomore, Erin Quinn: “I have been keeping up with soccer workouts and do some running when I’m up to it! I also created an easy workout just to stay in shape. Mentally I’ve been reading and sometimes it gets hard because I am a very social person and miss my friends so I try to talk to them through messaging or FaceTime whenever I get a chance to. I also spend my time painting just to keep my brain working.”

Freshman, Paige Fritz: “I really like going on walks around my neighborhood with my family and pets. I try to wake up at the same time I would for school to avoid messing up my sleep schedule.”

After reading about what other Platteview students have been doing to stay healthy, how have you been staying healthy? Share your ideas below in the comment section.