Teacher, Senior Advice To Freshmen


Kyley Bishop, Staff Writer

Platteview High School teachers and seniors are finding ways to spread positivity and encouragement to freshmen coming into the 2020-21 school year. They hope that sharing their wisdom and advice will help the transition into high school seem easier.

The high school transition can be difficult, and stressful classes and an abundance of work doesn’t help to ease the transition. But with the proper organization and time management, freshmen year can be not only bearable but successful.

English teacher Ms. Falch advised: “Write down when your homework is due. Use your calendar on your phone or iPad to keep track of due dates, games, meetings, etc. Managing your time and being organized are skills you’ll use long after you’re out of high school.”

Time management and organization are two simple steps you can take to easily achieve near-perfect grades. But there can be a difference between the grade received in a class and the actual learning that takes place. “Getting good grades is not as important as learning,” said senior Ryan Tolliver. “After all, the reason we go to school is to learn, not to get good grades. If you go to a class and get good grades but don’t learn anything, then you’ve wasted your time. Your time is precious, so don’t waste it.”

Use your time to develop confidence. Self-confidence is a beneficial quality to develop throughout freshman year. It is always important to believe in yourself and try your best. “Just have confidence in yourself and what you believe in,” senior Brianna Miller said. “It’ll make you much happier to be authentic to yourself.” Senior Emma Mathias added, “Don’t let anyone tell
you you aren’t capable. As long as you set your mind to something, you are capable of anything.”

The transition into high school can be challenging, but with the wisdom and advice from teachers and seniors, it can feel a lot easier. Stay organized and focus on time management; grades aren’t everything and don’t waste your time; have confidence and be authentic; and never let anyone bring you down.