STUCO President Inspires Hope


Emma Mathias, Staff Writer

The student council has started off the school year with a new set of officers. This year, Nearly Hernandez (12) found herself in the seat of student council president. She is motivated to use her position to shed light on the current situation and inspire school-wide hope. “[Recent events have] changed the way we normally do things. So, my plan is to give everyone hope,” said Nearly. One way she hopes to do this is by inspiring students to participate in the Rachel Challenge.

The Rachel Challenge serves as a foundation for creating positivity in K-12 schools. It encourages students to be kind to themselves and others while maintaining a positive mindset. Brianna Yeager (12) says that the Rachel Challenge has pushed her to step out of her comfort zone and “talk to more people that she doesn’t know and give them compliments or offer help.” Similarly, Claire Snodgrass (12) believes that “simply saying good morning to someone can completely change their outlook on the day.” She does this not only because it may positively impact somebody else’s day, but also because “it makes [her] smile to see others brighten.”

Through this challenge, Nearly hopes to do three things: “Help students grow mentality and accept responsibilities, help students learn from the Rachel Challenge, and help students and [the surrounding] community deal with [these uncertain times].” Nearly intends to spread hope through something as little as inspiring positivity or kindness amongst students.