Students Brainstorm Homecoming 2020


Dylan Conover, Senior Editor

Many activities, sports, and events are up in the air this year, and Homecoming is no different. Nonetheless, student leaders and faculty are still working hard to preserve Platteview traditions. Principal Alexander noted in a recent school-wide email that they discussed changes to the Parade, Pep Rally, and Dance in a recent meeting. As it currently stands, these events will not be held, at least to their former extent.   

In order to hold several of the events, an audience will not be allowed. Instead, the school plans on broadcasting video of the modified Pep Rally and Parade. In the meeting, Mr. Alexander remained optimistic: “We want our Homecoming to be special.”

For the dance, plans currently have it slated for early winter or some time in 2021, assuming that health restrictions ease up. Dodgeball, however, can still be held, and it will be broadcast to classrooms. Students have proposed other plans, including ideas to supply pizza and ice cream, but most of the specifics are still in the works. 

Homecoming is less than two weeks aways, and the puzzle pieces are beginning to fit together. “We have a positive attitude,” said Mr. Alexander, “and we can work to make it good.”

Though it will look different, Homecoming will still be a fun-filled week of student activities and spirit.