Opinion: Free Breakfast at School Bring Me Joy


Ethan Conover, Staff Writer

Free school breakfast has come to Platteview High! Some of these breakfasts include cereal, burritos, breakfast sandwiches, Eggo pancakes. Other breakfast items include milk, or a smoothie, and a side of fruit or apple sauce. Such breakfasts provide a convenient alternative to eating at home or purchasing one at a local fast food restaurant.

Opaa! (Platteview High School’s current food vendor) distribute free breakfasts at the beginning of first and second period, at times standing in central areas of the hallways to meet students. This initiative began in the beginning of September, and is scheduled to end December 31st, 2020.

As a personal note, I love these breakfasts, especially free food. While these breakfasts don’t exactly melt taste buds in delight, they provide all that’s needed to hold students over until lunch.

Most teachers will let students eat their breakfasts in the beginning of class or on a mask break. Personally, I don’t like going into a class on an empty stomach, knowing I haven’t studied for the test as much as I should have. But now, I can go into class with a full stomach, and it makes me feel all the better. I can even save some of the breakfast food for a later snack.

In my personal opinion, these breakfasts bring me joy. I don’t have to wake up earlier and worry about preparing and eating a good breakfast. I hope that this initiative will carry on.