Apple Review: Jonathan vs. Gala


Grace Beaty, Staff Writer

Apples are one of the most widely known fruits, but it can be difficult to know which is best. Two apple types are Jonathan and Gala, and to determine which is the best, the color, size, texture, flavor, and juiciness was evaluated.

The first choice many people make when picking out an apple is to scan it and see what it looks like. Some only pay attention to the big details like the main color: “I don’t pay attention to what kind of apple. I just pick the red ones,” said Haley Keinow (9). Both Jonathan and Gala apples are red with yellow and green streak marks down the side. They were also medium in size, even though the Jonathan was a tiny bit more sizable then the Gala. They were the same heart shape, and, overall, the apples look remarkably similar.

Although appearance may be the first aspect one notices, the most important part is the taste and texture. When first bitten into, the Jonathan apple lets your teeth sink in. It’s not crunchy, but soft and tart. On the other hand, Gala apples make a crisp and crunchy sound when one bites into them. The flavor of the Gala is the perfect amount of sweetness, and the crispness of this apple is perfect because it makes the crunch sound an apple should make. A couple of bites into the Jonathan apple, the mouth starts to fill with juice. This apple has a noticeably high juice content. When eating a Gala, the juice will fill the mouth a little less even though it still has a reasonable juice content.

In the end, the apple that satisfied the list of considerations was the Gala. Even though it was smaller than the Jonathan, the Gala was still better overall. The crispness and flavor of the Gala was perfect.