Review: Among Us

Review: Among Us

Jackson Sorensen, Staff Writer

Among Us is a game of deceit and truth between you, your friends, and the pitch black abyss of space. The now popular game released on June 15, 2018 on PC, is now available for free on most mobile devices.

In Among Us, everyone role-plays various crew members of a spaceship as they try to either fix or destroy the ship. The crew mates’ goal is to complete all their tasks and find who the imposter is.

“The game has more things you can do when you are innocent instead of walk around waiting for the imposter to come,” said Andi Carman (9).

In the game, the imposters are tasked with either destroying the ship or eliminating everyone on board. There can be one to three imposters depending on the settings. If the crew mates come across another eliminated crew mate, they can call a meeting where everyone can discuss and vote to kick someone off. “When I’m the impostor,” said Corbin Fibich (9), “I think I need to be sneaky while also taking advantage of sabotaging.” If you are a crew mate, and if you are eliminated, no worries. You can still help your team by doing different tasks.

There are several ways to play Among Us. When you’re playing with people who just randomly joined, you can’t communicate unless you’re in a meeting where you can vote. On the other hand, if you are playing with friends, you can decide whether you want to talk the entire time or keep the with the regular rules.

Overall, Among Us is a gaming phenomenon and easily a game of the year contender. The game has a certain vibe to it where one vote, one task, or one elimination can feel like the difference between life and death. The best part, however, is winning as the imposter. It is unmatched to any other murder mystery because you feel so awarded and proud. Even if one doesn’t win, the game is still a remarkable experience.