FBLA Halloween Costume Contest


Dylan Conover, Senior Editor

On Friday, October 30, Platteview High School students dressed up in Halloween costumes to raise money for the Sarpy County Cancer Fund as part of an FBLA fundraiser. Students dressed up as characters from their favorite TV shows, movies, and books. Harley Quinn, Winnie the Pooh, Betelgeuse, Transformers, a plague doctor, and others wandered the halls, bringing a festive mood to the school’s atmosphere. 


All those who dressed up participated in a costume contest, evaluated by Platteview teachers. First place won $10, second $5, and third a bag of candy. Josephine Hartley (11) and Lucy Swierczek (11) won first place as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee; in second place was Ethan Conover (9) as Stay Puft Marshmallow; and third place was Shayel Menges (12) and Carson Ross (12), who were Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid. 


See Mrs. Layher’s video at https://youtu.be/FE3T7_7Ew6IWhat