Honing Skills with Advisory Alternatives


New and Hopefully Improved: Trojans BeKind: Joanna Engel (11) and Mannix Crockett (11) discuss what it means to be a kind Trojan. They share with each other what they learned from guided research and available resources about spreading kindness and positivity.

Emma Mathias, Staff Writer

With the implementation of block scheduling for the 2020-21 school year, there simply isn’t enough room in the daily schedule for Advisory. However, not all hope is lost. Students have many resources available to them to satisfy the goals and requirements of a typical Advisory period that they can work on and access outside of the school day.

“During Advisory, [students] would discuss kindness, team building, peer relationships, scheduling for next year, college prep, time management, and other soft skills that are helpful for life,” said Mrs. Christiansen. These skills can be developed outside of school by engaging in skill building activities with friends.

Getting E-Learners involved in advisory activities is a great way for students to connect and build new relationships outside of school. Reaching out to E-Learners is also a great way to help them feel involved and a part of the school. “Students may still talk to their teachers, Mrs. Christiansen, Mr. Jennings, and Mr. Lundeen about colleges, scholarships, and other information,” continued Mrs. Christiansen.

Completing Advisory specific assignments without an actual Advisory period is a great way to meet new people, build valuable life skills, and learn new ways to connect with the surrounding community.