Boys Basketball: the Kings of the Court Prepare to Rule at State


Dylan Conover, Senior Editor

Platteview’s Boys Basketball are on their way to state once again! Led by starters Tyler Riley (12), #23, Connor Millikan (10), #2, Michael Wiebelhaus (11), #3, Alex Draper (10), #10, and Ezra Stewart (10), #0, Platteview has surged past the competition throughout the season. Sophomore Connor Millikan is the key player in this star team, having scored 641 points after the team cruised past Roncalli Catholic 54-42 on Saturday, February 27th.

Though three of the players are only sophomores, the team is cohesive and plays off of each other’s strengths. Riley, Wiebelhaus, and Draper drain over 40% of their three-point shots, helping the team to overcome almost every point deficit. In the team’s four losses, they lost only by an average of 4 points; in their wins, they’ve won by an average of 14 points. Clearly, the team is a force to be reckoned with.

In Saturday’s win, Millikan ruled the court. His 25 points powered the team to victory with help from Riley’s 12 points and the rest of the team. Platteview stayed ahead every quarter, preventing Roncalli from making a comeback and sealing the team’s path to state. Gage Schram, an eager student, said, “I am so enthusiastic about making state!” Schram also enjoyed the new layout of the student section, explaining, “I also am really happy that the student section is behind the coaches and players. I like that configuration a lot more.” Although the student section was limited early on in the season, it has since grown larger as students take to the stands to cheer on Platteview’s teams.

It’s every competitor’s dream to make it to state competition. It signals the fulfillment of all the hours of practice, training, and live game-time. It was a moment of pure excitement for players, coaches, and students when the game ended against Roncalli. Riley said of the moment, “When the buzzer sounded at the end of the game, we all got super pumped up. I was celebrating with all those around me, jumping and cheering with happiness. We’ve achieved what we wanted to and there’s still more to come.” With state right around the corner, the team is drilling and practicing to make sure they stay the kings of the court.

Platteview High School takes on Elkhorn on Tuesday, March 9 in Lincoln, Nebraska.