Finding Insight in Military History


Coleman Parnell and Dylan Conover

Many courses at Platteview High School are survey courses, which means that they briefly touch on many parts of a broad topic. Military History, a dual enrollment course provided by Platteview and Metro Community College, dives deeper into the historical conflicts that the US has endured. 

Military History takes students through the strategies, policies, and timeline of war from the Revolutionary War to modern day. The course is taught by Andrew Soneson, a teacher who has personal experience in the military from serving as a captain in the Marine Corps. “I’ve been teaching for 3 years. I like teaching kids what they have an idea on, but I go more in depth, especially when teaching about the Cold War and Civil War,” explained Mr. Soneson. War is a complicated affair, and Mr. Soneson is glad to help students obtain a better understanding of the part war plays in our nation’s history.

A combat veteran himself, Mr. Soneson knows that war is intense. To gain a respect for the nature of combat, he assigns his students war veterans’ accounts of different conflicts. Mr. Soneson said, “Reading is at a high level but it’s important because it shows first hand experience.” The readings give special insight and show how stressful combat can be. 

Besides a unique, deeper look into the United States’s military history, the class can also help students with their career fields. Nathan Seeber (11) said, “This class is a perfect opportunity to complete a college history course in high school so I can advance in my field of study.” The course had just covered WWI and students are looking forward to what is next in store for this eventful class. Ryan Tolliver(12) adds, “I really enjoy the course. I had doubts about the course since the focus was on American military, but it’s been fun to learn about the strategies.” Another plus to the class is the in-depth look at how strategies have changed over the years as technology becomes better. 

For any history geek or those just passively interested in history, Military History is an exciting and engaging class.