Review: Outriders: New Ideas in Gaming


Jackson Sorensen , Staff Writer

The popular video game Outriders is a future-based third-person-shooter in which doomsday has come on earth and the human race has to evacuate to space. The player flees to a planet named Enok, which is an 80 year cryosleep nap away. In the game, solo players navigate the story of the game, accomplishing tasks and defeating foes.

The game opens as the characters arrives on the planet. Unfortunately, the wildlife is not as peaceful as believed, and the first mission as an Outrider is to track down signals that contain data about the planet to learn more. The gripping story includes dangerous storms and exciting powers as the plot moves along.

Overall the game has an 8/10 rating on GameSpot. Outriders has looked at and taken inspiration from many other looter-shooter games, and the developers have tried to improve on many flaws other games of its genre tend to lack on. Unlike other games (such as Destiny, Borderlands, and Warframe) it tends to focus on a more story driven and solo-friendly experience, although one can also play with one or two friends.

What sets this game apart most is the fact that it tries to make the player feel like an unstoppable force. Although many of the locations are locked behind story missions, the locations are always stunning and have beautiful in-depth graphics and sky boxes. The first hour of the story is packed with lore, but as the player gets into the later stages of the game, it slowly dwindles in what it can offer. The game feels like it has many pieces where it tries to connect together, but it can be confusing.

In the end, Outriders brings fantastic and addictive gameplay as it mixes powers and mechanics play like no other game. Outriders brings new ideas to the genre that are great, but it tends to lack in other important aspects.