Finishing the Fight: Review of Halo Infinite


Jackson Sorensen, Writer

Halo is a game series that’s been popular since the early 2000s and is still one of the biggest names in the gaming world to this day. From the captivating storytelling and world building of the campaign, to the chaos of multiplayer featuring fun and
creative game modes, to the in depth level creator of forge, Halo has something for everyone.

The next addition to the halo series is Halo Infinite, which releases December 8th, 2021. Over the summer of 2021, Microsoft, the creators of 343 – the company in charge of Halo -hosted an open play test for the multiplayer side of the game to finish working out bugs and give players an idea of what the game will look like.

Some players are skeptical to see how the game takes form as the last few Halo games have had different styles compared to the original, along with the paid content they brought. The Infinite team are handling these problems by returning to their roots with the original art style, progression systems, and feel. “My hope is that as we launch and grow infinite, with all of you, we continue to be open and respectful in our development conversations and as your feedback,” said Jerry Hook, Halo Infinite development director.

Overall, the game feels fun to play, whether you’re winning or not, and brings a bit of nostalgia back from previous game. Not only is the game great and looks nice, it will release for free for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If the free multiplayer can be as nostalgic and fun as the previous Halo games, it can speak volumes to what the paid campaign will be able to do.