A Play on Words: Drop Dead, Juliette Comes to Platteview


Jacob Thomas, Writer

This year’s One Act play is Drop Dead, Juliette, a modern comedy and retelling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Co-directed by Mrs. Hartwig and Dr. Kersulov, the play will use a mix of modern and traditional costumes with modern and traditional vocabulary.

Many students are looking forward to competing against other schools in the One Act. Lauren Roberts, who plays Juliet, said “I’m very excited to work with a new group. These past two years have been almost exactly the same group of students so this year feels like a completely new experience. I’m also excited that this year is my first year being in leadership. I hope that I can be someone to look up to for the underclassmen.”

While the One Act play helps entertain audiences, it also promotes public speaking and literacy skills. Mrs. Hartwig said, “ One Act gives students an opportunity to build on theatre skills.  They learn acting, design, set building, makeup, and costuming.  It is also a competitive NSAA activity. ”

With a cast of over 12 students, and a tech crew of over 12, the collection of students bring various motives, skills, and talents. Tim Tyler, who plays Romeo, said: ”I joined One Act because I enjoy musicals quite a bit, and I am hoping that this will be just as fun.” Ella Ferguson, who plays Shakespeare, is eager to compete, saying “ I enjoy acting and having the opportunity to improve that acting by using it in a competitive setting.”

One Act is an excellent activity for anyone who loves acting. Each and every year is a new experience with new people and great performances. 

The One Act play will have public performances at Platteview High School on Saturday, November 13th, 2021.