The Kuze Control: Trojan Football Starts the 2021 Season Strong


Kusz Kinen, Writer

Kuze Kinen gives a play-by-play report on the Trojans’ Varsity Football games during the 2021-2022 season.

Trojans vs. Tigers: 35-14 (W)

The Platteveiw Football began the season versus The Falls City Tigers. Going into the game, the Trojans were excited and awaiting this game ever sense last season ended. The last meeting between the Trojans and the Tigers was in August of 2020. The Trojans opened the season last year with a loss. But this year was not the same, Trojans brought a strong rushing game from Cael Wichmen (22) and Jared Kuhl (13), both combined 286 yards. While at Falls City, Jared Kuhl (13) had a great night throwing for 159 yards, completing 15 of his 24 passes, three for touchdowns. The Trojans were close to breaking the school’s all-time record for offense in a game as they ended with 516, just 10 short from the 526 against Wahoo in 2011.

The defense for the Trojans has nine returning starters. The defensive line is anchored by ends Cody Metgzer (52) and Leo Guenther (61) who combined for 78 tackles last year. During the Falls City game, they combined for 16 tackles. Another strong spot for the Trojans are its linebackers as they returned the team’s leading tackler from the 2020 season. Nick Horst (50), a middle linebacker for the Trojans defense, had 79 tackles against the Tigers.

Eliott Steinhoff (15) an outside linebacker was injured for most the 2020-2021 season, but this year, he’s been a monster in attacking the run game. He’s been able to take on solo tackles in the open field along with getting through the line to cause havoc in the other teams’ back fields. At Falls City, he played a different role, making a position change from quarterback to wide receiver. There he had one reception that went 21 yards for a touchdown.

The Trojans all around dominated the Tigers as they left them unable to score for the first three quarters. This was the first win of the season, 35-14.

Trojans vs. Bulldogs: 19-18 (W)

As the Trojans celebrated their first victory, they moved to the Boys Town Cowboys. Boys Town played #3 Columbus-Lakeview, starting off hot with a 6-0 lead for most the first quarter. But a blocked punt, interception, and fumble by the Cowboys led to them losing 37-6.

To start the game the Trojans had a couple mistakes on offense with 2 long passes one resulting in a touchdown and the another be a key pay for a touchdown. The game would be a long bruising one with many punts by the Trojans and long methodical drives from the Cowboys. The last three meeting with the Cowboys were the same way as they were full defensive battles but had just enough offensive plays. 

Playing the Cowboys, the Trojans defense was on the field for a long part of the game, forcing two key turnovers one coming from defensive tackle Charlas Chrisp (55). The offense for the Trojans picked up in the fourth quarter as 12 of the 19 points scored came from the fourth. Jared Kuhl (13) had a great passing attack during the game, throwing 21 completions off of 30 attempts for 202 yards. One key pass was a 16 yard completion to tight end Dayton Swanson (27), who caught the ball a yard short and reach over to keep the drive alive. A pass to receiver Micheal Weibelhaus (3) landed the Trojans on the one yard line. This set up the game winning pass to Dayton Swanson (27), who was wide open in the end zone to score his second touchdown of the night.

Trojans vs. Bulldogs: 20-35 (L)

Platteview next opponent was was Auburn. The last year The Trojans played the Bulldogs was in summer camp which was very completive. As in 2020, The Bulldogs came to Salberg Field for the Trojans’ third game and dominated the game as they won 27-0. But this year would not be the case.  As the Trojans went down 14-0 in the first quarter, the Trojans came back punching in the second quarter. Quarterback Jared Kuhl (13) had an outside run for 53 yards. With another 13 points by the Trojans offense, the Trojans went into half time up 20-14 versus The Bulldogs. The Trojans haven’t been able to beat the Bulldogs since 2011 when they beat them 63-31. 

The Trojans came out of halftime to kickoff the ball to the Logan Ryan (7) – the man deep for The Bulldogs. The Trojans defense stayed on the field for 7 minutes; during the drive the Bulldogs faked a punt pass that went for over 30 yards to continue the drive. The Trojans offense were unable to find its rhythm in the second half as the Bulldogs came out to win. In the fourth, the Bulldogs drove the ball, scoring 13 points and winning the game 35-20.

Trojans vs. Pioneers: 38-22 (W)

The Trojans played the Nebraska City Pioneers, who were 3-0. Going into the game, the Pioneers had a 49.7 PPG. The Pioneers were lead by Braden Thompson (11) who has multiple D-1 interests – some being Nebraska and South Dakota.

The Trojans started off with a kick return to the house by Ezra Stewart (2) but it was called back for a holding. This wasn’t problematic for the Trojans as they scored a field goal from elite Kicker Adian Riha (16). The Pioneers came onto the field and forced to punt after a small drive. In the second the quarter the the Trojans offense started to put together, ending in a large 59 yard rushing touchdown from Jared Kuhl (13) giving The Trojans a large amount of energy for the rest of the second quarter. The Pioneers struck back with a long run of there own to make the game a 10-7 lead for The Trojans. 

Coming out from the break, the Pioneers didn’t make much of a drive, giving the ball back to the Trojans. With a long run outside from Cael Wichmen (22), the Trojans led with 24-7. Unfortunately, a holding penalty brought the Trojans back to the spot of the foul. This led to the Trojans unable to score on the goal line, giving the ball to the Pioneers. Once again the Trojans forced a punt, giving the ball back to the Trojans offense. On motion, the ball went to Eliott Steinhoff (15) who took the ball to the four yard line in a 31 yard run. Ethan Golda (4), running back, then punched it in, bringing the Trojans up to 24-7. The offense for Pioneers put together a nice drive which ended up in a passing touchdown – 24-14. The Trojans offense got the ball back, and on the Pioneers’ 30 yard line. Cael Wichmen (22) then scores, 31-14. The game ended with a 45 yard touchdown pass to Dayton Swanson (27), final score 38-22.