Advisory Competes in NBA Draft


Nathan Seeber

For around twenty minutes each school day, Platteview High School meet with their advisory to talk about study strategies, upcoming class meetings, personal and academic wellness, and class bonding. Mr. Lundeen’s advisory created such a bonding moment, holding a fantasy NBA draft for the 2021-2022 season.

It had become a yearly tradition to draft a fantasy NFL league in Mr. Lundeen’s advisory. However, the advisory missed the window to create a NFL draft this year, so students opted for an NBA draft instead.  Students each took turns drafting NBA players that they will use to create their fantasy teams, that they will follow throughout the NBA season and compete against other students. To celebrate this moment in advisory, students brought in a potluck-style lunch with different students bringing in chips, dip, s0da and other items to eat.

Students are currently brainstorming what the reward will be for winning the league, but already competition has become fierce between the students. Chris Perry (12), a student in Mr. Lundeen’s advisory, when asked how he felt about his chances in the draft, said, “I’ve got the first pick, so I’m pretty sure I’ve got this in the bag.” Another student, Mitchell Rudie, said “Even though I drafted tenth, I still put together a pretty good team.”

Overall this is a fun way to get students engaged in advisory.