Math Projects: Making Math Fun


One Student in Algebra 2 drew Pikachu out of quadratic equations.

Clara Guenther, Writer

Math classes are challenging for many Platteview students. To help alleviate this, math classes at PHS are leading projects that help students understand the concepts better with an applied approach.

One student made a picture of a Penguin out of quadratic equitation for their project.

Instead of getting a bunch of abstract problems, students are instead using some more physical problems.  For example, Algebra 2 solves quadratics by using imaginary numbers. To help learn this, the students create pictures using different quadratic equations. This is a fun way for students to learn about how to modify quadratics to make them look like what the student wanted them to look like. You can find them hanging on the bulletin board in the hallway by the math rooms.

Such projects are a fun and engaging way for students, without relying on long lectures or confusing lesson videos.

Even Baatz got fed up with his math homework before taking a necessary break with his frustrating math homework.