Review: The Ranger’s Apprentice Series Hits the Mark


Clara Guenther

The Ranger’s Apprentice series, written by John Flanagan, follows the life of Will through his journey from a new Ranger Apprentice to a full fledged Ranger. The Rangers are a mysterious organization whose goal is protect the Kingdom of Araluen from threats. The Rangers are perceived as sorcerers by common people. Throughout the story we see how most characters change and grow. There is adventure, mysteries, and a dash of romance – that is – something for everyone in this series.

The story follows Will as he fights to overcome many obstacles, both physically and emotionally draining. Will is apprenticed to the Ranger Halt, who at first glance is cold and harsh. However, as time progresses we see why he is that way and how complex he is. Horace, a Battleschool apprentice training to be a knight, is seen throughout the books as one of the main characters.

As the series builds, the books change to different characters’ point of views in a way that feels natural. Despite frequently changing who the narrator is the book remains to still feel cohesive. The first ten books all feel like they’re following the same story. However the eleventh book feels like a bonus book and the twelfth doubles as the beginning of a new series. However, despite keeping the different characters’ voices cohesive, the order of the books themselves can be confusing.

The series earns a rating of 4/5 stars. The books well written and fun to read, but sometimes they are confusing due to their non-chronological order and the flimsy tone in the final book. The eleventh book felt that it had a lot of filler and the author could just had ended the series. Despite these problems, the series is highly recommend for those who are looking for an easy and enjoyable read.