Review: Stardew Valley Brings Character Variety to the Scene


Alex Glynn

Stardew Valley is a fantasy farming simulator. Despite being mostly a farming simulator, you also have a wide range of activities such as mining, fishing and exploring the many mysteries of the world.

A brief synopsis: your character just inherited a small farm from your dead grandpa, and then you pack up your life and move to a small town called Stardew Valley, helping this small town get back on its feet after a large company moved to town.

A strong part of the game is it’s replayability. It takes multiple play-throughs to experience all of the different options the game has to offer. Another positive feature is the variety of characters you can find in the world. There are many different characters in Stardew Valley, each with their own interesting stories to tell. This unique cast of characters brings this small town to life. A crowd favorite character is Linus. His story is fascinating and fun. However, such variety can make it difficult to pick from such a varied cast of characters.

Stardew Valley earns a 9/10 rating for its originality and overall enjoyment. Its only flaw is its repetitive nature, which can make the game boring. However, players can rely on the multiple venues to gain in-game money in the game and all the great characters really makes this game come to life and will get you lost in the story.