Platteview Speech Team Speaks Out


Atticus Heneger, Writer

The Platteview Speech Team had their first speech meet of the season on December 4th, 2021 at Papillion la-Vista South High School. Kaitlin Musch, Macy Czech, and Atticus Heneger competed, bringing their well honed performances.

Kaitlin Musch participated in Poetry, choosing multiple poems, splicing them together, and creating a coherent piece. The goal is to articulate a single theme or message, showing connections between the works. Musch’s poetic theme: raising awareness of autism. Talking about her work at the competition, Musch said, “My speech was still in the rough draft phase so I was not expecting much.”

The first speech meet of the year can be a tough challenge for many of the young team members.  Atticus Heneger and Macy Czech are both freshmen, and this was their first meet. Atticus Heneger and Macy Czech participated in Dramatic Interpretation of Serious Prose. They choose a single work, cutting and arranging to fulfill a persuasive goal. For example, Macy Czech rearranged parts of the story “Restart” by Gordon Korman. She took parts of the work in order to tell a story about forgiveness.

For each category, the participants are judged and given feedback. “Even with the hard criticisms, it was good criticism and I hope to do better at the next meet,” said Atticus Henegar.

After the 3rd round of speeches, competitors that progressed to the final round were posted. Kaitlin Musch made it into the finals for Poetry, eventually placing 5th overall and taking home a medal.

The Speech Team’s next competition is Saturday, January 29th, 2022.