Seniors Star in ELA Class “Twelfth Night” Play


Josephine Hartley (12) and Priyanka Bowers (12) stand in front of the class during their performance of Twelfth Night.

Noah Eurich, Editor

Over the past few weeks, students in Dr. Kersulov’s 4th period British Literature class have been reading Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. The drama features characters recovering from a shipwreck on a fictional island, Illyria.

On April 6th and April 7th, students were assigned a presentation which required groups to gather props, costumes, and courage to perform brief scenes in front of the class and peers. The goals of the project were to help students understand what it felt to be an actor or an actress, embody and empathize with the characters, analyze conflict, and to explore the play with creativity.

Senior Ella Falk discussed the benefits of completing this project. “By acting out the characters of the play, I was able to better understand their emotions that led to their actions and dialogue.”

Senior Nathan Seeber had a similar experience on the stage. “It was a completely different experience from just reading the play. Acting things out in front of the class helped me feel what it was like to be one of those characters instead of just a student in the class.”