SBA Member Feature: Laura Osborn, Valuing Experience, Skills, & Hard Work

SBA Member Feature: Laura Osborn, Valuing Experience, Skills, & Hard Work

Nathan Seeber, Ella , and Noah Eurich

The following feature was written by PHS students in collaboration with the Springfield Business Association. Visit the Springfield Business Association for more information and other articles. 

Editor’s Note: The Springfield Business Association is delighted to work with journalism students at Platteview High School to capture stories about our SBA members and their incredible work. This is the first of many articles that will be submitted by PHS students. A huge thank you for their willingness to collaborate with SBA and produce such quality work.

Real Estate is a field that requires a myriad of specialized knowledge. For example, to become a real estate agent one needs to know how to communicate effectively with people, market themselves, negotiate, listen and prepare and present homes in a favorable fashion. Such skills require agents in the field to be thoughtful, creative, and to know a bit about people. One individual who demonstrates such diverse skills and expertise is Springfield Business Association (SBA) member and Past President Laura Osborn of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Good Life Group and the Omaha Home Pros Team.

In a recent interview between the Platteview High School journalism students and Osborn, she discussed the value of having worked in different fields. Osborn highlighted the importance of collecting a wide spectrum of experiences, views, and opinions. While Osborn often dreamed of having a career in real estate from an early age, she began her career working in marketing.

“I worked in marketing and communications roles for 15 years, including a role at a pets product company, where I was the category manager for dog treats, ” said Osborn.

In 2016 Osborn decided to switch from a career in marketing to one in real estate.

“One of my favorite things about my job now is that my day is never the same. I could be showing houses one day, writing contracts, staging a home for sale, or managing finances.”

Osborn explained how real estate agents must not only have a firm understanding of homes and property, but also of people, what they want, how to help them find the perfect home, then negotiate and get them under contract.

The everyday changes and challenges are what initially drew Osborn to a career in real estate. While talking with Osborn, one gets a sense that facing the ever-changing and unexpected nature of real estate, an agent must be comfortable with thinking on his or her feet and being flexible.

When asked what advice she had for people who wanted to enter a career in real estate, she said, “Prepare for the unexpected.” Furthermore, Osborn suggested that those interested in real estate should, “save money for taxes because nobody tells you all these little things that go into owning your own business.” While she might have been speaking in jest about taxes, given the chaotic nature of real estate in recent years, Osborn’s advice speaks volumes to preparedness, thoughtfulness, and general business savvy.

Even with a sound resume and a list of experiences, a business owner cannot know everything. Osborn explained how the SBA has been supportive and instrumental in the success of her business.

“The networking is really vital in the association [SBA]. The more you see each other and the more you build those relationships, the more you can count on people to collaborate with and share referrals. You know people who can help you out along the way,” said Osborn.

Osborn is a great example of how to build a successful career. She draws from her experiences, builds on her skills, reaches out to others, and works to serve her community. Additionally, Osborn aided in revitalizing the SBA and recruiting participating businesses, advocating for diverse businesses from different industries to come together to help each other.

“Small businesses really need to stick together and support each other,” said Osborn.

While it may seem difficult out there, with her expertise and wisdom, Osborn makes it look easy.