Review: She-Hulk TV Series (Spoilers)


Paige Fritz, Writer

Any person who is up to date with the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows that the post-Infinity Saga world has left some fans skeptical. Viewers don’t know if the MCU projects will remain on their watchlist. Various limited series have created astounding success such as Loki, which currently has a season two in the works. In addition, Marvel CEO Kevin Fiege confirms in an IGN article that Loki is the most watched Marvel limited series earning 5.23 billion minutes of watch time. In addition, Moon Knight, earning 3.7 billion minutes of watch time according to The Direct, brought a new twist to the MCU incorporating action with Egyptian mythology. On the flip side, Ms. Marvel, despite its noteworthy success with critics, received the title of the least-watched Marvel Disney Plus series, according to Adam Starkey from NME. Only 775,000 homes viewed the series premiere within the first five days—an incredible contrast compared to the millions of views earned by other series. However, one series has brought the most hesitation so far— She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

The skepticism surrounding She-Hulk began after the trailer was released back in July of 2022. Fans heavily criticized the sub-par computer-generated imagery (CGI) shown in the trailer. The show features a female lawyer named Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) who transforms into the strong and confident alter-ego She-Hulk. This secondary form was the subject of the trailer. Although the character’s appearance wasn’t a monstrosity, it was certainly disappointing compared to Marvel’s past work.

Now that the series is at a close, I can confidently say that this series has exceeded my expectations. The trailer and poor reviews made me assume I wouldn’t watch past the second episode. However, the series really gauged my interest. In addition, the CGI difference between the trailer and the actual series was night and day. An episode of significance was the penultimate, “Is This Not Real Magic?” Marvel is known for valuing their penultimate episodes, as they set up the finale, usually introduce a twist, and bring the audience to the edge of their seat. This episode exceeded every point in ways Marvel has yet to venture towards. A unique aspect of this series is that every episode almost tells a new story.

The penultimate was no different. Jennifer Walters faces another difficult client— an arrogant amateur hero called “Leap-Frog” who accuses Walters’ stylist Luke Jacobson (Griffin Matthews) of selling him a faulty suit. Jacobson hires none other than Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) (Charlie Cox) to represent him. Daredevil’s appearance in the series has been highly anticipated and his performance did not disappoint. Matt and Jennifer also shared a number of romantic moments, and their chemistry was great. Although this penultimate episode would not rank among that of Loki or Moon Knight, it was certainly better than I expected.

The finale took a turn that no one could have expected from Marvel. At the climax of the episode, the Intelligencia leaders are exposed. Characters such as Todd, The Hulk, Abomination, and Tatiana are moments away from battle when Jennifer suddenly breaks the fourth wall in a new way— she rewrites her story.

She literally climbs into Marvel Studios and has a talk with K.E.V.I.N. (A nod to Marvel President Kevin Feige) about the plot of the finale for She-Hulk and some essential changes she would make. Kevin is not incredibly happy with her, but he complies. The series comes to a close with a wholesome family dinner with Walters’ family joined by Matt Murdock. The finale also gave hints to a potential season two and a future Bruce Banner’s Hulk film.

As a result of watching She-Hulk, it looks like Marvel has some new tricks up their sleeves. After this unique series, I can’t wait for what’s in store for Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk.