Senioritis Strikes Again


At the State Basketball Game: Camden Hazy, Tyler Tolliver, Charles Crisp and Megan Huftless do jazz fingers hoping Trey Mosmen makes the free throw

Presley Smith, Editor

Senioritis isn’t exactly a life threatening disease, but it seems that seniors can easily contract it on their own or even from a close friend. Senioritis is typically considered to be a lack of motivation among students during their final year of high school. Symptoms include excessive tardiness, procrastination, low-quality work, and mild cases of staring out the window during lectures. Platteview’s seniors did not shy away from this mindset, in fact Logan Perrow said it was a battle doing his homework and Ryder Nebel stated it was a struggle to finish strong, especially in the last weeks of school.

Jimmy Orellana stayed motivated by reminding himself about the benefits of graduating and finishing strong. However, there are ways for students to combat senioritis, such as small rewards to study sessions, being organized, keeping a detailed schedule, and motivating their classmates as a way to keep oneself motivated. Or, as Madison Pinkerton suggested,  “cope with caffeine.” We are glad the seniors made it through their senioritis. Just another rite of passage for the graduating class.